WOLLIN group is a global leader in die casting industry in Germany LORCH spraying equipment brand, was founded in 1973, its total WOLLIN and AED two brands. WOLLIN spraying equipment used on the market at present advanced external mixing type spraying technology, in the domestic and foreign die casting spraying field enjoys a high reputation, present in more than 40 countries around the world have WOLIIN product sales. WOLLIN in the world's customers include BMW group (BMW), Daimler Chrysler (Daimler Chrysler), macro plug group (HONSEL), Magna (Magna), Tianhe Group (TRW group), George Fischer (Georg Fischer).

The WOLLIN device has the following characteristics:

1 using the external mixing type spraying technology, excellent atomization effect;

2 available profile modeling sprayer, a 100% cover mold surface, greatly reduce the spraying time;

The 3 module design and production assembly technology, the design and manufacture of more convenient

The 4 POWERSPARYING large flow spraying technology, cleaning is more simple, less clogged spray.

Wo'erlin spraying technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was founded in 2008, in 2011 moved to Suzhou Taicang City, is the WOLLIN group, a wholly owned subsidiary in China, with WOLLIN devices all after-sales service functions, assembly workshop can be assembled to work independently and part of the WOLLIN Mini spraying equipment. Wo'erlin Suzhou have their own spare parts warehouse, can basically meet the customer requirements for daily use of spare parts. Wo'erlin ensure customer daily spare parts in the order confirmation after 1 to 2 days can reach the customer plant, rarely part of the need for foreign shipments of spare parts can be reached in about 10 days.

At present, Suzhou Woer forest with most die-casting domestic machine manufacturers have cooperation, such as imported brands of die casting machine BUHLER Bullard, ITAPRESSE Peres, IDRA de la, FRECH rich, TOSHIBA Toshiba, UBE Ube, TOYO Dongyang etc., as well as domestic die-casting machine Nekon leading brands LK, YIZUMI Iraq etc.. And Suzhou has the same wo'erlin automation leading manufacturer of ABB, KUKA, FANUC etc. to maintain good relations of cooperation. Suzhou wo'erlin partners also include advanced manufacturers of die releasing agent supplies field, such as CHEM-TREND to Henkel SAKURA day, Henkel, cherry and so on.

The main customers of Suzhou wo'erlin at home including a lot of excellent casting manufacturers, such as Shanghai Pierre Berg, SAIC Qiantong, Baoding the Great Wall, Shaanxi fast, Nimark China, Chongqing Jiang Yu, Suzhou George Fischer, Yangzhou Rongtai, Foxconn group, Guangdong Hongtu, GE and so on.

We believe that, WOLLIN spraying is your reliable choice.

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